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The narrative is partly based on real events.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot state openly which parts of this chronicle are fiction and which are taken from real life.

The names of characters have been changed.

Begin your journey by watching video clips that will lead you to the main part of this intricate art story.

These videos include music by YouTube composer Myuu.

Searching my friend
I can't find my friend
Screens with James Cook (anonymous 1)
Screens with Coma Ami (anonymous 2)
Some words about Irina's projects
They control us (part 2)
orientation on lost woman
Orientation on Irina Zimovskaya
A gruesome compilation
They control us (part 3)
What the hell is going on?
They control us (part 5)
Once upon a time in Finland
polaroid photo of Lina
Photo of Lina Tekkeli
They control us (part 8)
This is how we lose Havvah
They control us (part 1)
The orientation on Irina
And the scary video
lost girl
Irina's last photo (fragment)
Nothing new
They control us (part 4)
I have some doubts
They control us (part 6)
Savonlinna 1992
I bought Ira's computer
They control us (part 7)
Where is Irina?


We present to your attention a collectible deck of playing cards based on the plot of the comic book "Edges of Existence". The very attribute that changed horror history is available for sale !

The size of the cards is 12x9.4 cm

To order cards, click on one of the buttons below to contact us.

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