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More and more often, people have begun to think about what the essence of the Universe is. Every year an uncomfortable truth is exposed: every religion limits the nature of the Primordial One Creator. But to the adherents of which system does this truth prevent them from holding the Universal balance? "Who's at the helm there?" (с)

The intricacy of the fates of Lina Tekkeli and Ada Peterson leads to the answers to these questions. Life in a secluded Finnish town becomes less than peaceful when human psi energy eaters enter the "game." A simple plot that makes you think about the complex aspects of Genesis, whose facets are imbued with a parsimonious fatalism.

Enjoy the dynamics of the "Facets of Existence" universe, which includes:

bubble comics

How can a vulnerable teenage girl from the Finnish town of Savonlinna cope with the sudden death of her parents?

dark girl
scared girl
digital comics

Is time able to smooth over the bitterness of the loss of the closest people? And who will not allow one to be alone with this grief?

two friends
digital art

But what if a shattered psyche wasn't the only problem the young girl faced?

mirror face
creepy face
fun art

Is it possible to distinguish reality from fiction? And what can be considered reality

at all?

colorful dreadlocks
man with gun
art fantasy

Is Savonlinna so quiet and peaceful?

digital text

What to expect from the everyday environment?

cool photos
true crime

Even quiet streets are fraught with danger.

creative art
8 англ.png

Are the police capable of dealing with the city's lawlessness?

playing cards
watercolor painting

When there is no longer any hope of a miracle, is it worth turning to spiritual leaders and sacred attributes?

read online

Sometimes the paths of fate unwittingly lead to one question - who is responsible for everything that happens around?

analogue horror

It would be foolish to assume that material reality is the only tangible habitation.

little monster
sad girl

Love, however, is capable of giving one last hope.

lesbian kiss
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crazy man
the devil

Personal ambition that leads to fatal events.

scared girls
sexy tales

Irreversible consequences.

art girls

Who will protect the helpless girls in danger?

cool photos

Why does the matrix that is responsible for our reality get rid of those who expose its nature?

16 англ.jpg
comics read

What awaits us beyond the tangible boundaries?

naked woman laying down
creepy girl
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Or maybe it's all a sick fantasy of a dying mind?

girl in the water

But was the story a figment of the author's imagination? Or could the plot of this comic be derived from real life?

We invite you to plunge into the mysterious intricacy of events, which can be considered a full part of the project "Facets of Existence", enjoy!

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Comicbook teaser

Enjoy the digital version of the
😈 comicbook 😈

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